Feel the Outdoors

Our Story

Meandering through the central Missouri Ozark Plateau, the
Osage River is as beautiful as it is historic. Named for the mighty Osage
Nation, the river and its surroundings have been a staple for world-class
hunting, fishing and recreation since before recorded history. It is a small, but
potent watershed, having cemented itself as legendary for being difficult to traverse,
while also engulfing its visitors in some of the most beautiful scenery on the


It is from that mighty spirit that Ozark River Gear was
formed; hard to tame, but beautiful in its form and function. From weekend
warriors to seasoned adventurers, Ozark River Gear designs its products to
provide the highest level of comfort, survival and tactical requirements.
Outdoor enthusiasts ourselves, we designed our entire product line to the
highest quality and durability standards. Ultimately, we won’t sell it unless
we’d use it ourselves.  


Our goal is to make spending time outdoors accessible, fun
and affordable for everyone. We understand that time spent in nature is valued
and we design our products to be easy to transport, pack, set up and take down
so you can focus on spending time enjoying the outdoors and not fussing with clunky

Whether you’re roughing it in the woods for a quick weekend or on an extended expedition way off the beaten path, take us with you. When you’re geared up with Osage River, you’re Geared to Survive.